Sangria basket stuffer - LAST ONE

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Sangria basket stuffer - LAST ONE

Our purple Faukati ™ fur newborn baby photography prop has curly textured fibers which mimic an authentic lambswool but without the shortcomings of genuine flokati. This faux fur will give you the texture you crave and your clients love.

  • Easy to Clean - Machine Washable; Throw it in and Go
  • Hypo-allergenic – Non-Irritating
  • Pliable - Easy to Put in Smaller Buckets
  • Stain Resistant - Our Fibers Naturally Repel Stubborn Contaminates 
  • Comforting as Cotton - Inviting Softness Lulls Babies to Sleep
  • Animal Friendly - 100% Cruelty Free


Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Shake. Hang to dry. They will come out like new every time!

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