Vegan and Faux Fur Fabric for Newborn Photography

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Here at Custom Photo Props, we love animals just as much as we love babies! Our determination to develop the highest quality animal-friendly faux furs newborn photography props has made us the industry leader in vegan photography props. Our PETA-approved vegan furs help ensure the protection of animals, and their out-of-this-world softness helps babies feel extra comfortable & fall fast asleep. Our collection of furs is custom-dyed in shades that beautifully complement babies’ complexions. They’ve been exclusively developed with custom fibers that make them hypoallergenic & machine washable, while providing a luxurious softness. We know how important washability is for newborn photographers, and we guarantee the high quality of our vegan flokati furs will provide convenience and durability that will last you years of use!
We are proud to say that babies and photographers alike just can’t get enough of our faux furs - our products have been used by the likes of Carrie Underwood, Kobe Bryant, The Jonas Brothers, and many industry-leading newborn photographers! By choosing Custom Photo Props vegan furs, you’re supporting our mission to protect animals and “Say No, Go Faux”. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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