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Giving Back


When we decided that our company was going to be "The Faux Fur Company" we knew that we had to bring awareness to the harming of innocent animals for their pelt. Those animals live in brutal conditions and are faced a very excruciating death due to the fact that there is a need for their pelt. Whether it's fur or feathers we need to protect God's creatures!

In our eyes, there are plenty of other products on the market that can easily replicate genuine fur; there is no reason for using a natural product. Through the use of our website, social media, and monetary donations, we are dedicated to informing the community about the death of these beautiful animals for their fur. We won't support it, and neither should you!

Say NO to genuine Tibetan Lamb, Angora, Lambskin, Flokati, Sheepskin, and any other “genuine” fur.

Say No! Go Faux!

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Among bringing social awareness to the abuse of wild animals and domestic pets, we give back in other ways. Custom Photo Props helps support various programs by donating their time or finances throughout the year. Each faux fur purchased from Custom Photo Props helps drive us closer to our goal: helping animals.

Our company regularly donates product and resources to various organizations such as Non-Profit Organizations, Boys and Girls Club of America, St. Columban's Retirement Home, Salvation Army, ASPCA, as well as several Animal Rescue Groups


New Hope Rescue For some heartwarming stories and great laughs, follow their Facebook page.

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