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About Custom Photo Props

Custom Photo Props develops the most innovative newborn and baby photography props for professional portrait photographers on the market today. Our in-house prop designers work diligently to create cutting-edge newborn photography props that other companies can't offer. The quality of our products is our most important priority, as is providing friendly and fast customer service. Get the full story on our unique mission and exceptional products below.


Custom Photo Props Mission

Our mission is to develop and manufacture high quality cruelty-free  baby photography prop products that our customers cannot find anywhere else while providing superior, personalized service.

To fulfill this mission, we are committed to do the following every day:

  • Provide competitively priced and superior quality products
  • Deliver first-class customer service that exceeds expectations, including fast shipping
  • Source the highest quality animal-friendly raw materials available
  • Develop products that will last for years of use
  • Support animal rights and children’s non-profit foundations


Our Company 

Newborns can be a challenging customer. Their tender skin needs a soft and protective cushion on which to rest, whether they are feeding, sleeping or posing for their very first photo shoot. We have developed a faux fur that's so silky and comforting, babies fall to sleep before the first click of the camera.

Our own hard-to-please newborn photography prop designers search high and low for the best raw materials so that each fur, newborn posing fabric, swaddling wrap or baby headband is one-a-kind and completely exclusive. All of our custom photography props are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and durable enough to last for years.

Newborn photographers and new parents alike love our newborn props! We are currently sought after as the leading producer of custom designed newborn photography props in the United States.  Our props have been used by Carrie Underwood and the Jonas family and have won many product endorsements from industry leading newborn photographers.

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Meet the Leaders of CPP

At the age of 16, Kerri was given the opportunity to manage a restaurant in her hometown in New York. Even at that young age, she was continually filled with ideas on how to change the business and make it grow into something better. The skills she developed then would prepare her for opening and growing her own company.

When Kerri is approached to share her company story, she usually says that she was solving a problem.  Kerri and her husband had a precious baby girl and were having newborn photos taken. She searched the internet for unique newborn photo props but nothing fit the bill; she wanted props that nobody else had and wanted to put her own personal touch on it. Loving crafts, Kerri set out to make her own. Elizabeth Pellette of Elizabeth Pellette Photography, located in Springville, New York, arrived at the newborn shoot and loved what she saw. After a lot of encouragement from loved ones, Custom Photo Props was born in 2009.

In that last nine years, Custom Photo Props has gone from a one-person, one-product company to a staff of seven employees and a 7,000 sq. foot building.

Kerri considers herself very fortunate to work side-by-side with her best friend of 20+ years, Corinne. Our customers and staff would agree that Corinne is nothing short of exceptional: she's thoughtful, thorough, respectable, and just a top-notch person to deal with! Both Kerri and Corinne recognize how lucky they are. They have the ability to have fun at work every day, do what they love, and have the best employees on the planet!

We look forward to developing a relationship with you and helping you with your photo prop needs!

custom photo props owner and president Kerri Seibert

Our Beliefs

We are advocates for animal safety and believe in using and developing products that do not hurt them. In the photography industry, this means using faux fur fabrics and wraps as props. No photo is worth hurting an innocent animal. 

While bringing awareness to animal safety, we also donate a portion of all sales to various animal shelters.

You can help too!

  • Learn what you can do to help stop the abuse of beautiful creatures!  
  • Join us in supporting a great cause!  
Learn more at our Giving Back page.



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