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Custom Photo Props

At the age of 16, Kerri was given the opportunity to work for, and eventually manage, a restaurant in her hometown in New York. Even at a young age, she was continually filled with ideas on how to change the business and make it grow into something better. She would agree that out of all of the positions she has held during her career, this is the one job she had enjoyed the most because she was in charge. The skills she developed at this job would teach her more than she ever realized; it prepared her for opening and growing her own company.

When Kerri is approached to share her company story, she usually responds with a pretty simple one. Kerri and her husband had a precious baby girl and were having newborn photos taken. She searched the internet for newborn photo props but nothing fit the bill; she wanted props that nobody else had and wanted to put her own personal touch on it. Loving crafts, Kerri set out to make her own. Elizabeth Pellette of Elizabeth Pellette Photography located in Springville, New York arrived at the newborn shoot and loved what she saw. After a lot of encouragement from loved ones, Custom Photo Props was born in 2007.

Custom Photo Props has gone from a one person, one product company to staffing six employees and working out of a 7,000 sq. foot building.

Kerri considers herself very fortunate to work side-by-side with her best friend of 20+ years, Corinne. Our customers and staff would agree that Corinne is nothing short of exceptional: she's thoughtful, thorough, respectable, and just a top-notch person to deal with! Both Kerri and Corinne recognize how lucky they are. They have the ability to have fun at work everyday, do what they love, and have the best employees on the planet!

We are advocates for animal safety and are strong believers in using faux fur fabrics instead of harming animals. No photo is worth hurting an innocent animal.

Take the pledge to stop harming these beautiful creatures! PETA

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We aspire to develop the newest styles and innovative props on the market at Custom Photo Props. Our in-house designers work endlessly on creating unique newborn photo props for you that other photo prop companies can't offer. We have developed a faux fur that's so soft and comforting that it helps the majority of babies fall to sleep in a pinch. Our team hand picks all of our fabrics, yarns, dyes, and other materials right down to the buttons that our seamstress sews onto each hat. Our knitters have developed all of their own styles for our newborn hats, pants, and diaper covers.

We are currently the leading producer of custom designed newborn photography props in the United States. Newborns, babies, and portrait photographers love our props which has resulted in Custom Photo Props being a sought after company. Our items have been used by the likes of Carrie Underwood, the Jonas' family, as well as product endorsement from industry leading newborn photographers.

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