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Faux Animal Fur

 You will love our  vegan Faux Animal furs because their lush softness provides newborns that important level of comfort, while being very gentle on that delicate baby skin.  Our collection of Faux Animal  furs has been exclusively developed with custom fibers that make them hypoallergenic & machine washable. They are a softer, more affordable, and ethical alternative to genuine animal furs. Our Rabbit & Chinchilla furs have a soft and multicolored 1 inch pile. Our two-toned furs have a 3.5 inch long lustrous pile with a richer, more textural hand than our Baby Whisper Furs. By choosing Custom Photo Props vegan furs, you’re supporting our mission to protect animals and “Say No, Go Faux”. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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