How to Wash My Newborn Photo Props

A Guide to Washing Newborn Photo Props

One of the most common questions the Custom Photo Props team receives is “How should I wash my newborn photo props?” Here, you’ll find our tips for keeping your props looking and feeling fantastic for years to come.

We recommend washing all items prior to the first use.

Vegan Fur Props

Everything in our faux fur product line should be machine washed cold on the gentle or delicate setting. You can dry furs in two ways: shake out from the dryer and then air dry. You can also put it in the dryer ONLY if you have a cool air setting. Do not use warm or hot air as applying heat to faux fur can permanently damage the fibers. If you can use the cool air cycle, this will make your fur look brand spankin' new. If you only air dry then the fibers may stick together when they dry and not look quite as fluffy but if you brush your hand across it then it should unstick. 


Swaddling Wraps

First, check your wrap to see if it has wash instructions on it, if so follow them. If not, follow these steps: hand-washed gently with Woolite detergent. Reshaped, if necessary, and laid flat to dry. 

Clothing & Knit Blankets/Layers

Our clothing and blankets should be hand-washed gently with Woolite detergent. These items should then be reshaped, if necessary, and laid flat to dry. 


Spot clean with a damp towel. Do not use anything abrasive as it might remove the wax finish.


Don’t hesitate to contact the Custom Photo Props team with any questions!