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      Our larger Essential Photo Prop Starter Kit is perfect for those who need a fresh start after purging their old props or those who are just starting out. These boxes offer INCREDIBLE savings and each piece is of the best quality.



      Please keep in mind that these starter boxes are best suited for those who Do Not have a particular style or adhere to a particular color spectrum in their photography. While we can't guarantee colors or styles, we can assure you that these are great quality. We will ensure that pieces in this set will match to one another so you can have a stress free newborn experience. 



      If you want your box geared towards a specific gender, please write which gender you want in the comment section at checkout. If not stated you will get a mixed box.



      Clothing is made to fit babies in the 8 pound weight range.



      6 - pieces of clothing - items can be a mix of: hats, pants, diaper cover 

      1 - Posing fabric for newborn nest
      3 - swaddling wraps

      5 - layering fabric

      2 - fur basket stuffers

      1 - headband


      All of our products are custom made for our company and you will not find them anywhere else!


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