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Old Rose Chiffon Headband AND/OR Diaper Cover



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This vintage pink rose chiffon headband AND/OR diaper cover is a perfect way to show off your little one's feminine side! Whether you plan to use this in a photo shoot or just an adorable accessory you are sure to get a lot of compliments on how cute she is!

HEADBAND - This headband is handmade with a crocheted mohair band and a flower/bow adorned with a beautiful pearl surrounded by small "diamonds" in the middle. The hand crocheted mohair band has no stretch to it. Our vegan mohair is a spun fiber which makes it appear fuzzy. The headband is 22 inches long and has an open back which can be tied and adjusted for a more custom fit to baby's head. You can also tuck it under the baby's head during a shoot.

DIAPER COVER - This diaper cover is filled with chiffon ruffles! They may become less fluffy due to shipping but once you get it you can put it in the dryer on low for 5 minutes and it will become full again.

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