Green Newborn Baby Photography Props Studio Set | Maple Syrup

Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Photo Prop Studio Set | Maple Syrup



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      Our gender neutral photography prop studio set is complete with just about everything seen here!  No matter which piece is your favorite, they will harmonize perfectly together. This will result in a beautifully designed collection for you to use with your most valued clients.



      1 Fawn Sweater Wrap
      1 20"x31" - Maple Brown Vegan Fur
      1 Taffy Lattice Layering Fabric

      1 Hazel Headband



      Display Bowl


      All of our products are custom made for our company and you will not find them anywhere else!


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      • Cherise Kiel Photography
      • Biance Hubble Photography
      • Nicole Serafin Photography
      • Ashlee Lauren Photography

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