Luxury Newborn Baby Stretch Knit Swaddling Wrap Photography Props

Lux(ury) Baby Swaddle Wraps - 37 Color Options


Agave Lux
Almond Milk Lux
Beach Ball Lux
Bermuda Lux
Camel Lux
Cancun Lux
Cheesecake Lux
Clay Lux
Creamsicle Lux
Cranberry Lux
Date Lux
Daydreaming Lux
Dismal Lux
Easter Egg Lux
Glass Mint Lux
Grapefruit Lux
Lavender Lux
Mulberry Lux
Oregano Lux
Paint Brush Lux
Pansy Lux
Pluto Lux
Pontoon Lux
Radish Lux
Rice Lux
Rosemary Lux
Seafoam Lux
Sparrow Lux
Twilight Lux
Vanilla Lux
Wisteria Lux

  • Product Description

      Knit with a finer, tighter stitch than our Dream Wrap, the Lux(ury) Wrap has a lightweight sweater feel to it. You will love the luxurious look & feel of this custom-designed baby wrap! Each one is hand-dyed to match our exclusive furs, and its generous stretch makes it perfect for swaddling.



      20" x 44"



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