Pink Newborn Baby Faux Fur Photography Prop

BRUSHED Peony Pink Faux Flokati Fur Newborn Photography Props - 3 Size Options



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      This pink faux fur fabric is perfect for newborn photography photo shoots! The delightful softness of our fur will also give the babies that important level of comfort while setting you apart from your competition by using top quality props!


      📣 Attention! This batch of fur has more of a brushed texture than what it's supposed to. Since this is slightly different, I don't feel it properly reflects our representation of the Peony Sheep fur. 

      Our faux fur is better than flokati wool; find out why our customers think so CPP Faux Fur vs. Flokati Wool


      Instructions for Photographers & Parents - Our exclusive faux fur baby photo props are completely HYPOALLERGENIC & WASHABLE! Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Shake. Hang to dry. They will come out like new every time!


      This fur is cut straight from the bolt and there are no finished edges. When you receive your faux fur it may have loose fibers attached due to the cutting process. Once you wash it, the shedding will stop.



      Visit our comprehensive CPP Color Guide to see matching products. Our designers paired their favorite props together so you can shop with confidence. 



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