Curly Purple Faux Fur Fabric | Sangria

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Curly Purple Faux Fur Fabric | Sangria

Our curly purple vegan fur newborn baby photography prop will give you the texture and interest you love when photographing your clients.

  • Easy to Clean - Machine Washable; Throw it in and Go
  • Hypo-allergenic - Non Irritating
  • Pliable - Easy to Put in Smaller Buckets
  • Stain Resistant - Our Fibers Naturally Repel Stubborn Contaminates 
  • Comforting as Cotton - Inviting Softness Lulls Babies to Sleep
  • Animal Friendly - 100% Cruelty Free

    Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Shake. Hang to dry. They will come out like new every time!

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  • Lisa Matthis Photography

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