Types of Flooring and Backdrops by Custom Photo Props

blush mauve pink, fabric backdrop by Custom Photo Props with baby girl

Custom Photo Props is proud to have partnered with a reputable print company to provide you with quality photography backdrops and floors. All products are designed and printed in the USA.

KotedPaper - is a sturdy coated paper that is tear resistant and non-glaring. This material has strong durability and is also wrinkle resistant. This backdrop or flooring is perfect for transporting it to and from clients' homes and it's easy to set up. 

KotedPaper backdrops do not come with Rod Pockets and are NOT machine washable or dryer safe. Must be stored rolled up and not stacked or folded. 

KwalityCloth - is a soft, wrinkle-free, cloth that has positive qualities such as being non-glare and free-moving; it's known for its durability. The result is an eye-catching background that creates a picturesque scene.

All KwalityCloth backdrops come with convenient rod pockets. They are machine washable and dryer safe! This backdrop cloth can be stored by either hanging or folding it. 

RubrMat Flooring – is a very popular, heavy duty, non-slip flooring that provides for a very realistic floor when shooting your clients. 

This durable rubber mat can be wiped clean and air dried. This product must be stored by rolling it up or laying flat.


Always use caution with your backdrop or floor when photographing cake smashes. The saturated dyes can permanently ruin your flooring so it's recommended that you lay down a large piece of Plexiglass type product under your subject and cake to protect your investment. 

Whenever there is a spill on your backdrop/floor be diligent and clean it up right away.